Business review

Innovative. Flexible. Open and considerate.
Team-minded. Inspiring.

Our values provide a solid platform both for our culture and our business performance.
Building on our 100-year heritage, they lead our constant drive for excellence.

Below we share just a few examples of the ways in which our people bring
those values to life every day.

Brand review:

KC segment
Kcom segment
Our Smart421 brand continues to build trusted relationships with customers, suppliers, analysts and partners that place a value on its high-end consultancy services and management of business critical systems.

Over the year, in addition to its core business of integration and managed services, our Smart421 brand has built a substantial lead in Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services. Among its recent engagements, Smart421 has been architecting and delivering innovative cloud based solutions for major UK enterprises including a power utility, a mobile telco and a UK retail bank. Each is a tangible reminder of how customers place a high value on Smart421’s thought leadership as well as its delivery capability.

Smart421 has been awarded also a framework agreement for the provision of G-Cloud Services – the programme that is transforming the way the public sector buys and operates information and computing technology. The agreement means our Smart421 brand is recognised as an approved provider for any organisation looking to work with the Government’s G-Cloud programme and represents a growth opportunity for the Group in the public sector.

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