Notes to the financial statements

for the year ended 31 March 2012

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08 Employees and remuneration

The average monthly numbers (including Executive Directors) employed by the Group during the year were as follows:

Number of employees
2012 Restated
KC 559 552
Kcom 970 1,003
PLC 250 246
Total 1,779 1,801

Employee numbers restated in prior year to show Eclipse reported under Kcom.

The costs incurred in respect of these employees were:

Wages and salaries 68,837 69,450
Social security costs 7,742 7,396
Other pension costs 3,454 3,793
Share scheme costs 3,191 2,586
Restructuring costs relating to employees 1,249
Total 83,224 84,474
Less own work capitalised (4,899) (2,285)
Charged to income statement 78,325 82,189

All the Group’s employees are employed by the Company with the exception of 283 (2011: 286) employees employed by KC Contact Centres Limited and Smart421 Limited.

Disclosures required by the Companies Act 2006 on Directors’ remuneration, including salaries, performance related bonuses, pension contributions and pension entitlements, including disclosure in respect of the highest paid Director, are to be found in the tables within the Remuneration report and form part of these financial statements.