Our strategy

In recent years we have established our strategic
vision to passionately pursue better ways to
connect people
and to deliver inspiring
customer experiences

During the last financial year, we have continued to focus on achieving market leadership
positions in our chosen markets and have made progress towards achieving this goal.
We are creating a successful world-class communications services business that is supported
by outstanding people focused on clear goals and ambitions.

Our vision is underpinned by four strategic pillars that form the structure of our approach
and focus our investment. Those pillars support us in our pursuit of operational excellence,
as we seek to overtake other providers in our selected markets and deliver increasing
shareholder value.

Our investment in new processes and systems is moving us closer to delivering those
exceptional customer experiences for which we want to be recognised.
“Our commitment to delivering inspirational customer experiences reflects our desire to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. It’s what we stand for, it’s who we are.”
Processes and systems
Our business is built upon the excellence of our people, the core asset of our Group.

To enable us to progress our pioneering vision of creating excellence together, we are investing in creating an environment that enables people to develop and fulfil their potential. During the past year, that investment has focused on cultivating the leadership, talent, values and culture that will put excellent business performance and world-class customer experience at the centre of everything we do.


Over the last year we have focused on how small individual change can effect large scale improvement. Our teams have taken part in our ‘It Starts with Me’ programme designed to help them see how their role plays a significant part in the achievement of our long-term ambitions. This programme will continue to run over the coming year.


  • to reward and recognise employees who demonstrate excellence in their performance;
  • to invest in a communications programme that explains clearly our Group values, ambitions and culture; and
  • to continue to develop a leadership team capable of driving strategic objectives in accordance with our growth vision.
Across our brands we understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and align our products, services and solutions to meet those needs to create a unique brand experience.

Our focus on exceptional service delivery has resulted in increasing customer advocacy, delivery of the fastest broadband in the UK for consumers, new contracts with large corporate customers and further business from existing customers.


In each of our markets, we have focused on developing additional service offerings, including significantly faster broadband speeds, as well as unified communication solutions via the Cloud that enable organisations to avoid the need for expensive on-site infrastructure.


  • to deliver growth in managed services to UK based multi-site organisations;
  • to continue the phased roll-out of 100Mbps fibre based broadband services in Hull and East Yorkshire; and
  • to continue our ongoing focus on inspiring customer experiences across all brands.
We harness the skills and capabilities of our partners to support the focus of our brands.

We have strong relationships in place with organisations including BT, Phoenix IT Group, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Avaya and Amazon Web Services. With access to their skills, experience and technology, we are able to fulfil our long-term vision. As a result of these relationships, leading organisations are recognising the capabilities of the Group and its exceptional service delivery.


Our market-leading partnerships support our ability to achieve a level of innovation and deliver solutions and experiences that cannot be gained elsewhere, as customers experience improved ways to connect, collaborate and interact, using the power of technology.


  • to invest in partnerships that support our customers’ objectives;
  • to continue to exploit those strategic relationships; and
  • to deploy Cisco hosted collaboration services alongside our leading unified communication service offering.
Our pursuit of customer service excellence is underpinned by our processes and systems.

To achieve our long-term aims, we are focused on ensuring we have market-leading processes and systems capability for the future to enable us to grow our business.


Our £3 million investment in industry leading network operations tools will help us to build on our reputation for service excellence.

See Brand review: Kcom for more detail.


  • to deliver best in class levels of customer service; and
  • to extend and improve our customer self-service capability.

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